Update from PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn: Learn from Warren

“If you don’t do it this year… you’ll just be one more year older when you do.”
– Warren Miller

* * * * *

The father of the ski film, Mr. Warren Miller, has uttered many a memorable phrase in his 60+ years in the biz, but the above quote might be my favorite. People put off ‘til tomorrow what they can do today for hundreds of reasons. Time is crucial, money is short, there is something good on TV and they just want to veg. In our modern world, the lure of the comfortable greets us every morning when we turn on our laptop, let alone when we get our milk and eggs out of the refrigerator, turn on our coffee-maker, or take care of the aftermath indoors.

We live the easiest lives of any human beings the planet has ever begot, and though this allows us to do cool things like not toil the land in serfdom for a lottery-born vassal, it does enslave us not to venture from our comfort zone routine to go the extra mile (or 200) and drive up I-80 through possibly inclement weather for a weekend without Playstation or dry cleaning service. (Although at the Inn we do provide housekeepers.)We have the ability to do whatever we want. Yet plainly, often do not.

Skiing is one of the coolest things a human being can do. Without the wings and super low-density skeletons of our feathered friends, riding without much resistance down mountains on planks is about as close as we can come to attaining that feeling of effortless flight which most of us have dreamed. I learned how to surf this past summer at the age of 27. I learned how to ski about 24 years prior, and I am a much better skier than surfer for that one obvious reason. Take your kids up here. Hone your own turns. Have fun, and enjoy the mountains. Learn from Warren and do something now, before your body has another
year of wear-and-tear.

* * * * *

And now I leave you with another pearl from the man who is not only the unquestioned Godfather of the ski film, but perhaps the first American ski bum; the legend goes he lived for the entire winter of ’47-48 in the Sun Valley, Idaho for less than $10: “If at first you don’t succeed… don’t try skydiving.”

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