The Carneros Inn Reviewed on Tango Diva!

Check out The Carneros Inn on Another rave review, along with an inspirational itinerary for a Carneros vacation!

Here’s a pic from the article… a gorgeous night fire-side in the Pavilion.

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2 thoughts on “The Carneros Inn Reviewed on Tango Diva!

  1. Christopher Regan

    “Down the street from Artesa is The Carneros Inn, a Plumpjack Resort Conde Nast rated one of the best places to stay in North America. When we arrived we were swarmed by employees – maybe five of them, no joke – all of whom knew exactly how to be of optimal service without being annoying. I don’t know how they did it. I imagined how intensive the screening process might be – that’s how impressed I was.

    My first real image from The Carneros Inn is following one of these employees as he drove a golf cart down the hill to our cottage. As we were following on our bikes, his left hand held the glass of red wine offered me upon my arrival. It was a beautiful feeling, being escorted to our cottage this way.”

    Wow. That’s just amazing.


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