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Over the Bridge and Through the Valley: Five Reasons to Visit Mill Valley

It’s a random weekday and you need a little adventure to spice up your day, look no further than beyond the fog across the Golden Gate. Just a short drive away the sun awaits as it beams down on adorable little towns, mountain tops, and Redwood trees. Visit Mill Valley, which recently ranked as one of the 20 Best Small Towns by Smithsonian Magazine. Here are five good reasons to put Mill Valley on your places to visit:

Escaping the fog – Most people know that summer in San Francisco can be grim with little sunshine and heavy on the fog; however, once you break through the tunnel on the other side of the bridge the heavens part and warm sun shine awaits.

Tourist Club
Tourist Club (Nature Friends) – It’s somewhat of a hidden treasure in the middle of the woods that is only accessible via hiking. It’s a welcome reprieve from a long hike where you can sit and enjoy a beer and some laughs with friends and strangers. Make sure to bring cash and to check the events calendar to make sure they are open, and don’t forget to leave your dog at home, as they are not allowed on the trails or at the Tourist Club.


Sweetwater Music Hall – In 2012 the Sweetwater had a rebirth since it’s original opening in 1972. It’s location changed along with the interiors and the addition of a million-dollar sound system. The venue is state-of-the-art, but the vibe is very local. Come for a burger and beer at the Balboa Cafe in Mill Valley and then stroll over to Sweetwater for some live music in a small, intimate venue with world-class musicians.

Shopping in Mill Valley – Nestled along Throckmorton and Miller Avenues, you will find a collection of various shops that will keep you occupied for many hours. You’ll find timeless clothing boutiques featuring the latest fashions, to antiques and housewares shops, plus a little bookstore in the center of the square where the town comes to congregate with their kids and dogs.

Lunch (or dinner) at Balboa Cafe – After hiking, shopping, and before dancing the night away at Sweetwater, join us for our famous burger or some of our other tasty menu items, including market-fresh salads, local seafood, and daily specials. And, of course, a full bar with great cocktails and wine and beer on tap.

And, if you’ve had too much fun and you don’t want to leave, you can always stay close at the charming Mill Valley Inn just off the square.