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Fat Tuesday By PlumpJack Wine & Spirits

Fat Tuesday is coming to San Francisco, by PlumpJack Wine & Spirits. New Orleans boasts a rich cocktail history with a number of classic drinks that the Crescent City is famous for. Many are seeing a renaissance with new quality ingredients from the craft cocktail boom of the last decade. As Mardi Gras approaches, now is a great time to sip these cocktails and take a liquid vacation to NOLA and “laissez les bon temps rouler!” Join us for a Fat Tuesday celebration on Tuesday, February 17th from 6-9 PM at Matrix Fillmore to indulge in these richly storied cocktails and nosh on some classic Cajun snacks.

Most famous of the New Orleans cocktails is the Sazerac. Much like someone who imbibes a few Sazeracs, the drink’s history is a bit hazy. The story goes that it was made with Sazerac de Forge et Fils Cognac originally, and rye whiskey was substituted after the vine disease phylloxera destroyed European vineyards used to produce the brandy. New Orleans’s own Peychaud’s bitters contributes heady cherry and anise aromas to the drink while absinthe adds it’s herbaceous licoricey perfume. Some claim it’s America’s oldest cocktail but cocktail historian David Wondrich disputes that saying that the Sazerac as we know it today didn’t even exist in the middle of the 1800’s. What we do know is that a well-made Sazerac is undoubtedly delicious. Here’s our recipe:

2 oz Rye Whiskey
.50 oz Simple Syrup
3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
dash of Absinthe
Garnish: Lemon Twist
Add rye, simple syrup, and bitters to a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled.
Strain into an absinthe rinsed glass and add garnish.

The Ramos Gin Fizz is another NOLA classic and perhaps deserves more credit than its more popular comrade the Sazerac. Henry C. Ramos, inventor of the Ramos Gin Fizz, was a celebrated native New Orleanian, a well-loved fellow, and was famous for his creation at the time. The drink is a textural delight and a pleasure to drink when vigorously shaken within an inch of its life. Here’s our recipe:

Ramos Gin Fizz
2 oz Gin
.50 oz Heavy Cream
.50 oz Lemon Juice
.50 oz Lime Juice
.50 oz Simple Syrup
1 egg white
3-4 drops Orange Flower Water
1 oz Soda Water (for topping)

In a large cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients (except soda water)  Shake vigorously without ice for 30 seconds. Add ice and shake for another 30 seconds. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice and top with soda water. Add a orange slice or orange twist for garnish.

Look no further than Bourbon St. to see dozens and dozens of abominations of the Hurricane cocktail. What today is typically a boozy slushy in a plastic cup, the drink has a much more vibrant history. A relative of the Daiquiri, the classic Hurricane is a concoction of rum, passion fruit syrup, and fresh lemon juice. It was created by tavern owner Pat O’Brien in the 1940’s to help him get rid of all of the less popular rum that local distributors forced him to purchase before he was allowed to buy more novel spirits like bourbon or scotch.

The drink was served in hurricane lamp-shaped glasses and caught on as a French Quarter classic. We asked friends at one of our favorite local distilleries, Charbay, to help craft a modern take on the Hurricane. Johnny Marrs created this take on a particularly windy day on Spring Mountain in Napa:

Charbay “Spring Mountain” Hurricane
.50 oz Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Rum
.50 oz Charbay Raspberry Vodka
1 oz Caña
Brava Rum
.25 oz Passion Fruit Syrup from The Perfect Puree Napa Valley
2 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Combine ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and pour over ice in a rocks or collins glass. Float .50 oz Charbay Pomegranate Dessert Wine on top. And Add a orange peel and cherry for garnish.

You don’t want to miss this great event, brought to you by PlumpJack Wine & Spirits! Its your chance to get a taste of NOLA in San Francisco. For more information on the event go here.

Top Five Beer Bars for Beer Week

Since it’s SF Beer Week, DJ from our PlumpJack Wine & Spirits Noe Valley team has comprised a list of some of his personal favorite places beer bars in San Francisco.

The places I have chosen each share a passion for providing quality beers and passion for all things beer. Many of these places are crowded each and every day because of the level of service that they provide. Below are my top five places to enjoy a cold glass of sudsy goodness.

Beer Bars of San Francisco: The Opening Act
Mikkeller Bar
34 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

One of the first American spots to find the popular Denmark beer Mikkeller, this beer bar boasts 42 tapped varieties of both local and European beers. The modern look and feel is surpassed by the timeless beer selection and the food pairings that go along with it, ranging from beer braised sausages and a charcuterie selection that is straight out of the European countryside. Mikkeller is serious with the way they handle and present their beers; each beer is categorized by which temperature it will be served at. Overall this venue is a great place to get a true European beer experience and a fantastic environment to enjoy new and old styles of beer.

Beer Bars of San Francisco: Part Deux
Tornado Pub
547 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

This San Francisco classic is a true gritty beer bar.  From the dark setting to the Giants game being played on T.V. this dive is filled with a great sense of local pride.  Not only does Tornado Pub celebrate the great local sport scene but they also provide their customers with a great selection of local beers amongst many others from all over the world. If you are going to order make sure you know what you want before one of the bartenders gives you a look. They will not shy from making you feel bad if you are not prepared. It’s an old school beer bar with a great beer drinking vibe. Note: One of the few places to serve Pliny the Younger on tap.

Beer Bars of San Francisco: Thrice is Nice
Pi Bar
1432 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

What this bar lacks in street side advertising, it TOTALLY redeems itself with a marvelous portrayal of true craft beer.  Pi Bar is the place to go and enjoy a craft beer and some truly delicious pizza. This is not a fancy bar that has a uptight attitude, plain and simple you go to this bar to sit down and enjoy a pint with a friendly knowledgeable staff. They have options on draft as well as an extensive bottle collection that includes some of Russian River Brewery’s finest. If you have a question about a style of beer you have never had, the staff will not hesitate to pour you a sample and let you try it before you buy it. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a bar that has a weekly special everyday from when they open at 3:14 pm to 6:28 pm for a pint and a slice of cheese pizza for under seven bucks.

Beer Bars of San Francisco:  May the Fourth be with You
Monk’s Kettle
3141 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

To say that beer is only 25% of the focus at Monk’s Kettle would be a bold faced lie; Monks Kettle is a pure brew pub and they showcase their love for the fine bubbly elixir by offering a rotating menu of roughly 200 beers. This upscale neighborhood gastropub specializes in Belgian beer, yet has many other styles to offer. With their newly added outdoor seating you now have the option to enjoy your cold glass of beer while baking in San Francisco’s “warm” sunny days. This knowledgable staff will guide you through their extensive beer list if you have any questions or are looking for a particular style.

Beer Bars of San Francisco: Strive for Five
Magnolia Pub & Brewery
1398 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Sausages and Beer! Whoever doesn’t enjoy eating a tasty pork sausage while sipping on some fine suds has to be crazy, Magnolia Pub & Brewery marries these two gifts to mankind together in a perfect way. With a rotating menu of beers and seasonal eats this pub does a great job at offering a great compliment to some truly delicious local and international beers. Upon entering this gritty San Francisco Pub you experience a feeling very similar to a brew house in Bavaria, the aroma of all things beer permeates the air and you are left with a smile upon your face (If you enjoy that sort of thing). Keep an eye out for any tap handle marked with a star for a great deal, stars indicate a four-dollar pint. If you find yourself on the corner of Masonic and Haight be sure to stop by and enjoy some delightful beers and pub grub.

Love beer? Join our Beer Club 

Conversations with Hilary: Chef Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn, Executive Chef and owner of the award-winning Atelier Crenn, is a true inspiration to women and chef’s alike. She is the first female chef in the U.S. to be awarded 2 Michelin Stars and she has held those stars since 2012. Being a woman in a leadership role and having two daughters, I celebrate women like Dominique who are innovators, leaders, and role models for young girls, and boys for that matter. Like the food she prepares, her answers were very thoughtful, creative, and insightful.

What do you believe to be your greatest accomplishment?
Being able to touch people doing what I love to do.

Do you have a prized possession?
My kindness. I think that people often think of an object for such a question however for me I have very few objects yet have spent my life working on what I think is important with regard to how I interact with others.

What qualities do you think others love about you?
I’m playful and kind.

If you could do anything other than what you currently do, what would it be?

What do you like most about what you do for a living/career?
I am a creative and am appreciated for being a creative, and am able to touch people with my creations.
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I review my dreams.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?
I am with my guests at the restaurant and if I’m not there, I am often at a charity event as I am so inspired when I get to participate in bringing people together in the name of doing good for others. I love the people I meet, the stories I hear and later, the results of all of our efforts in helping those who need to be supported.

What were you passionate about in your younger years growing up?
I loved soccer, Adidas sneakers, and talking with my dad as we walked the sand dunes of Brittany.

What are you passionate about now?
Pushing myself to delve into the deepest parts of my creative calling.

What’s your favorite season and why?
Oh wow…that is a tough one for me as all seasons offer new foods with which I get to work. If pressed, I must choose summer due to my absolute love affair with the tomato.

If you were a cocktail or a drink what would it be?
Kir Breton

What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
It must be ….

If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
My father. I would like to ask him to explain again so many things he tried to teach me that I sometimes feel I’m only old enough now to truly understand. I’d want one last chance to learn from him.

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?
(In French) When Pigs Can Fly.

Do you have any regrets?
It’s not a regret rather a wish for the past…and that is that I was so busy working so hard I never got the chance to go and stage in some of the great restaurants around the world. I would have loved to have gone to Michel Bras and a few in Japan

Define Freedom.
Oh that is easy, being supported to do work what reflects what is inside of me.

What are your personal core values?
Kindness, kindness, kindness and then after that I would say to work hard and play nice.

You can get up close and personal with Dominique’s food at her restaurant Atelier Crenn, where you’ll find her most days working alongside her team in the open kitchen.

Balboa Cafe’s GM, Lisa Leventhal, Shares her Five Faves in the Marina

Lisa Leventhal, General Manager at Balboa Cafe San Francisco, will celebrate her one-year anniversary with the restaurant on November 1st. Originally from Florida, Lisa loves San Francisco and all it has to offer. When she isn’t holding court at the Balboa, you can find her stand-up-paddle boarding or hanging out at her favorite spots in the Marina. Here are her five neighborhood faves:

1. Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco  – corner of Fillmore & Fibert

Rapha merges fine cycling wearables, books, and accessories with a neighborhood coffee culture. Cyclists and  locals unite to drink exceptional Four Barrel coffee and nosh on delectable pastries only a cyclist can burn off in a day.  Lisa works long hours on her feet, so strong coffee is a necessity and mingling with the locals makes for a fun break in the day.

2. BodyRok – 2128 Lombard St, San Francisco

Lisa loves BodyRok as a workout because of the versatility it provides, whether you want to cycle, sculpt or even do both in one session. BodyRok Is a fresh approach to fitness, combining core focused strength training and cardio in an upbeat small group environment. The classes pack a lot of punch in just 45 minutes, which is perfect, when you’re working 12+ hours in a day and need to keep up with the energy of a popular neighborhood bar and restaurant that never rests.
3. Causwells – 2346 Chestnut St.

As much as Lisa loves the Balboa Cafe, when she just cannot look at another Balboa Burger, she heads out to her favorite local spot, Causwells. The menu features classic American favorites, as well as European-influenced fare with a seasonal twists. It’s a great place to grab a drink with friends and share plates. Lisa loves the Grilled Octopus with Garbanzos and the housemade ricotta.

  1. Blo –  2167 Union Street

Dry bars are a lifesaver for any working girl who wants to get a fabulous blow out that will last days. Blo is Lisa’s favorite blow dry bar, located just steps from the Balboa on Union St. Drop in before your shift or before a night on the town for a quick and affordable catwalk-quaility blow out. Reservations are recommended.


5. Paper Source – 2061 Chestnut Street

It is nearly impossible to leave Paper Source without purchasing something, whether it’s something you need or something you absolutely don’t need, but HAVE to have. From books to kitschy cards and crafts, Paper Source has it all and then some. Lisa likes the fact that she can run down to grab a quick birthday card for a regular or a staff member on the fly or that spontaneous gift she didn’t know she needed for that person she just met.

So there you have it, Lisa’s Five Fave, but there is more. To find out about her other go-to spots in the neighborhood and beyond, you’ll have to come visit her at the Balboa Cafe. Cheers!

Cow Hollow Microhood

What’s the story behind the PlumpJack Wine Store?

PlumpJack Wine Store was started in 1992 as the first business for the PlumpJack Group, by then founder Gavin Newsom. It’s mission is to make the wine-buying experience approachable and to remove the intimidation factor. In 1992 we had more than 100 wines priced at under $10 per bottle. We now have more than 300 selections that are $25 or under and an expansive collection of spirits and domestic craft beers.

What is a little known secret(s) about your business?
If you buy a bottle of wine from the wine store and take it across the street to the Balboa Cafe, there is no corkage fee. And we will deliver your wine and spirits for FREE in San Francisco proper for all orders over $100. Gift wrapping and enclosure cards are complimentary.

Can you tell us a little about your clubs?

Our Monthly Wine Club (2 bottles) has been operating for more than 20 years, and in that time we have featured wines from all over, from California and Oregon to France, Portugal, Greece and beyond. Our members love that the club gives them a chance to discover new wines from different regions every month. These wines are carefully chosen and are always small production, hand-crafted wines with unique stories.

Our Red Rogues (not rouge) club is a quarterly club that no one else is doing. This is where we pick three red wines that have a unique combination of character, varietal, viticulture, and appellation that members can experience the difference in style and terroir. For example, past features have included three Amarones from Italy; three Pinot Noirs from Oregon; or three different Shiraz from the same winemaker, but from different appellations. It’s a fabulous way to compare and contrast wines that have similarities but display differences as well.

The Case Club is a perfect way to design your own parameters on a monthly or bi-monthly time frame so that you always have a stash of wine to drink, to give as a gift, or to take to someone’s house. Become a member if you don’t have time to shop, if you have unexpected guests frequently, or you are tired of grocery store selections. You set the pricing parameters as well as the varietal type, countries, all red, all white, all rose, or all sparkling—then we do the work so you don’t have to trouble yourself with parking or picking up. We deliver right to your door.

PlumpJack Gift Baskets & Wooden Boxes

Purchase one of our gift baskets for the holiday season. Gift baskets and wooden boxes are filled with wine of your choice and our gift baskets are packed with gourmet foods to your delight. For more information visit our site here.

Q&A with Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen

Vegan Crab Cakes

Chef Tal’s crabless cakes

PlumpJack Cafe teams up with Wanderlust Festival and one
of the most celebrated vegan 
chefs Tal Ronnen for the first ever “Vegan Farm To Table Dinner” presented by Gardein. Join us on the patio Thursday July 17th at Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn. Diners will experience a delectable four-course vegan dinner featuring plant-based proteins and locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables. The menu will also include a delectable assortment of artisanal nut milk-based cheeses from Kite Hill. Tal is a partner in the company, whose cheese was the first non-dairy cheese sold in Whole Foods’ esteemed cheese department, as opposed to the processed cheese or vegan cheese section, where all non-dairy cheese had lived prior to Kite Hill’s arrival. Pretty impressive! We caught up with Tal for a quick Q&A before he graces the PlumpJack patio next week. Hey, we’re not Ellen, but we are so excited to host such a renowned culinary figure and learn more about being vegan. Bon appétit!

What’s your go-to vegan comfort food/dish?
Peanut butter and jelly.

What are some of your pantry staples?

  • nutritional yeast flakes are great for texture and have a rich, nutty flavor. They’re good on anything from pasta to popcorn.
  • black garlic is available everywhere now and it has a great soft, sweet taste. I toss it with broccoli or make a vinaigrette with it.
  • white balsamic vinegar is light and makes nice light vinaigrettes.

What kind of advice do you have for someone who is thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet?
Take it slow – start with a day or two a week and progress from there. Check out ethnic restaurants that inherently have vegan cuisine like Indian, Thai, Chinese, or convert your favorite recipes using non-animal alternatives.

What are your favorite seasonal ingredients?
Summer: stonefruitcranberry beans
Fall: applesbeetsartichokes
Winter: root vegetables
Spring: english peasfava beans

Was there a defining moment when you decided to become a chef? Were you always a vegan chef?
Yes – when I crossed over to becoming a vegetarian, I was frustrated by being served the side dishes as main plates at restaurants I used to go to.

What’s your favorite vegan-friendly travel destination?
San Francisco has a lot of wonderful restaurants. Even the non-vegan restaurants have great vegan food.

How did you get involved with Wanderlust? Tell us about the vegan dinner you’re presenting on July 17th with PlumpJack Café?
My good friend Yves, the founder of Gardein, asked me to be a part of it.

What do you love most about living in Los Angeles?
Sunny weather! I love waking up to sunshine.

Tal Ronnen CookbookIncluded in Thursday’s dinner ticket price are two glasses of wine and a complimentary copy of Chef Tal’s award-winning cookbook The Conscious Cook. Busting notorious vegan myths including “You won’t get enough protein” and “It’s boring to eat vegan,” this cookbook encourages all to sample a taste of healthy, ethical, environmentally-friendly eating, without pushing an agenda. “It’s easy to be convincing when the food is delicious,” Chef Tal states, backed by his success at opening minds and menus to vegan options. “It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice—it feels like a step up.”  

Conversations with Hilary: Hall of Famer Joe Montana

Joe Montana

Joe, son Nicholas, wife Jennifer, son Nathaniel, daughters Elizabeth and Alexandra

I am ecstatic to have one of the greatest football players of all time, Joe Montana, as my guest this month. I could go on forever about his athletic accomplishments: He lead the San Francisco 49ers to four Superbowl Championships during the 1980s, including consecutive wins in 1989 and 1990. An inspirational leader and talented passer, he was named the National Football League’s most valuable player three times. He joined the Kansas City Chiefs 1993–5, before retiring with NFL playoff records for completions, yards, and touchdowns. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

This last Saturday, July 12th, Joe and his former teammates Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark and many other 49er legends took on Dan Marino and a team of NFL All-Stars to play the last game in the iconic Candlestick Park (The Stick). All proceeds from this event went to the San Francisco Police Foundation and the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation. Joe may have shown off his athletic talents on the field on Saturday, but what is more impressive is his dedication to philanthropy via the Four Rings Montana Family Foundation. The Foundation was established in 2004 by Joe and his wife Jennifer to support a variety of charities and causes – primarily in the area of improving the lives of underprivileged individuals who have experienced neglect, abuse, and immigration challenges. Joe and Jennifer have four beautiful children and live in the Northern California wine country.

Conversations with Hilary: Hall of Famer Joe Montana

What do you believe to be your greatest accomplishment?
To have a dream as a boy and to have that dream become a reality. Knowing what I know now, this could only have happened with the love and support of my family along the way.

Do you have a prized possession? 
My wife! Though she is not a possession.

What do you love about yourself? What do you think others love about you?
The fact that I never quit, never give up. Those that don’t know me personally might say the way I played the game of football. But those that know me better, Jennifer (I had to ask her) would say my “generosity, kindness and ease in which I converse with others”.

If you could be anything other than what you currently are, what would it be?
A singer

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Have coffee and a donut with Jen.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?
Go to the wine country, make dinner, and just hang with family and friends.

What do you like most about what you do for a living?
What I did was play the most exciting game in the world. It has giving me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and in turn, experience new wonderful opportunities.

What were you passionate about when you were younger?
SPORTS. I went form football season to basketball season to baseball season.

What are you passionate about now?
Spending as much time with my family as possible! When I was playing, I feel as though I missed a lot. I can’t make up for those times, but I can enjoy trying.

What’s your favorite season? Why?
I like summer and winter… Summer for the sunshine and winter for the snuggling up next to a fire.

If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
A Manhattan, because it’s old school and a little bit sweet, a little bit sour.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want to have with you?
Magnifying glass, machete, a blanket.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
Be in the cockpit of a F-16 during a dog fight.

What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
Should Have Been a Cowboy.

If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?
“Hey Joe, Hey Joe”. It’s what our youngest son Nicholas called me (at 2 years), not “Daddy.” That’s what he heard people on the street say.

Do you have any regrets?
Yes, playing football caused me to miss a fun part of our kids youth.

Define Freedom.
Having the ability to make your own choices.

What are your personal core values?
Integrity, compassion, honesty.

Conversations with Hilary: Pitcher Barry Zito

barry zitoI am deeply grateful for my new friendship with Barry Zito, one of the greatest pitchers of Major League Baseball. With a 2002 Cy Young Award under his belt, as well as two world series championships with The San Francisco Giants, you will be happy to know that Barry is just as awesome off the field. He and his lovely wife Amber live in San Diego and are expecting their first child together. An avid philanthropist, Zito founded the charity Strikeouts For Troops, a national non-profit that provides comforts of home and lifts the spirits and morale of injured troops as well as offering support to military families. What a guy!  And, with Father’s Day approaching, is all I can say is Baby Zito will be one lucky kid! 

What do you believe to be your greatest accomplishment?
Giving my life to God.

Do you have a prized possession?
I love my guitars but I try not to be too attached to anything.

What do you love about yourself? What do you think others love about you?
My awareness levels. Not quite sure.

If you could be anything other than what you currently are, what would it be?
Songwriter, professionally.

BARRY ZITOWhat’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Give thanks.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?
Go to the movies.

What do you like most about what your career?
The constant challenge of it.

What were you passionate about when you were younger?
Baseball, friends, and experimenting with things I should not have.

What are you passionate about now?
My family and spiritual practice.
What’s your favorite season? Why?
Winter: I love Pea coats.

If you were a cocktail or drink what would it be?
An old fashioned.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you bring with you?
Guitar, water desalinator, TempurPedic pillow.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
Run around on an NFL field during a game.

What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
Girl From Ipanema by Jobim.

If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
My mother.

Do you have any regrets?

zittDefine Freedom.
The ability to trust your gut inherently.

What are your personal core values?
Integrity, discipline, Morality.

5 Rosés to Drink All Summer

Kelly of PlumpJack Wine and Spirits Noe Valley has a decision to make

Kelly of PlumpJack Wine and Spirits Noe Valley has an important decision to make.

Just because Karl the Fog is an SF summer resident doesn’t mean we can’t emulate the sunshine via a frosty bottle of rosé. Our ancient PlumpJack ancestors even said that drinking rosé attracts sunlight! In all seriousness, rosé is the bomb, just ask Rick Ross or . Pick up a bottle or five at your closest PlumpJack Wine and Spirits, in the Marina or Noe Valley. Sip through this list with us and you’ll be seeing the world through rosé colored glasses.

  1. Domaine Amido, Tavel – The fuchsia-tinged wine of Tavel was a favorite of French King Louis XIV. It’s easy to see why with its gorgeous cherry, strawberry and almond flower notes. Sip alongside a pork roast or chicken salad.RoseTavel
  2. Skylark, “Pink Belly,” Mendocino – Bright, fresh, and lively, this 100% Grenache rosé is summer in a glass with notes of strawberry, ripe cherry, and watermelon.Pink Belly
  3. Dominique Piron, Beaujolais – This rosé of Gamay boasts mineral driven fruit with violets, strawberry, crisp acidity and overall deliciousness. It’s begging to tag along with you at your picnic.BEAUJOLAIS-ROSE-NV
  4. Ostatu, Rioja – Grenache and Tempranillo give this pale salmon colored wine its mineral, blood orange, peach, and honeysuckle flavors that invite pairing with marinated green olives and sheep’s milk cheeses. bodegas-ostatu-rosato-rioja-doca-spain-10361551
  5. Liveli, Puglia – Coming from the heel of Italy’s “boot,” this rosé of Negroamaro exhibits fragrant fresh fruit aromas of plum and strawberry and gets along well with a variety of antipasti like prosciutto, burrata, and summery salads. masseria-li-veli-salento-rosato-igt-puglia-italy-10345244