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In the Garden with the Chefs



Chef de Cuisine Andrew Budnyj and Executive Chef Steven Tevere

The garden is a big focus amongst our PlumpJack teams this summer. Chef de Cuisine at FARM Andrew Budnyj has created a special 7 course menu with each course featuring an item from our culinary garden. The menu is available Sunday evenings through July 13th. Check out what The Carneros Inn’s Executive Chef Steven Tevere has to say about their abundant culinary garden and suggestions for entertaining in your own home.

What inspires your cuisine?
I find culinary inspiration from the local region, including the abundance of ingredients from our own culinary garden and some of the finest purveyors of products in California. We are fortunate to live in an area where the mentality towards quality ingredients is forefront at all levels. Our relationships with the local producers and the care they take with their produce is essential to maintaining the integrity we put behind the processing, cooking and plating of these ingredients.
What is fresh from the garden right now?
We are using fava beans, chard, beets, carrots, lettuce mix, kohlrabi, kale and flowers from the garden currently. We are using these ingredients in various dishes throughout the culinary program on property.

What other produce do you source from The Inn’s property?
We have many fruit trees we incorporate into the menus, but most of them are fall producing – apples, quince, pomegranate, figs, pears. There is also an abundance of rosemary, lavender and other herbs.

What advice do you have for hosting a special event?
I am a big fan of family style service. When all the food is on the table it looks so bountiful. Different types of presentations on colorful platters, it just feels festive like a holiday or family celebration which always triggers good memories. Family & friends around a big table, enjoying each other’s company, eating and drinking wine… so communal, so simple but so engaging.