Soothing Sounds

I abhor rain from December to May, but in October it is actually quite pleasant. Tahoe is famous for its sun and for its snow – and rightly so. But a few days of drizzle provide a great change of pace, and set the tone for our transition to winter. Unlike most alpine regions in our country, from June to September hardly a cloud graces the Tahoe Blue sky.

Thunderheads don’t roll in every evening like they did when I lived even as close as the central mountains of Idaho. So I enjoyed it about ten days ago when we had some textured vertical clouds and electricity in the air. Standing alone on the point of DL Bliss State Park – another benefit of wet days is that it becomes quite easy to obtain such solitude along the extra mile – I experienced thunder and lightning and wind and rain make the usually pacific lake look like the Pacific in squall. I felt like an audience of one at a primordial version of Circe De Sole, complete with the acoustics of chest thumping thunderclaps sent from atop Mt. Olympus by Zeus himself.

And today’s production of cozy rain falling upon the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn is as soothing as classical guitar played by a master, or glass of velvet-red wine.

So before the curtain goes up for the dramatic show of Winter 2010/11, come check out the prologue: Fall, crisp sunshine dotted with the occasional slow and soothing rainy day.

Escape and unwind at Squaw Valley Inn, Lake Tahoe.

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