The People of PlumpJack: Katie Snider

Featured this week on The People of PlumpJack is Katie Snider. She leads the charge on creative design for each of our individual businesses. Since joining PlumpJack in 2005, Katie has been involved in all facets of design, including print collateral, digital, logo development, signage and packaging. Originally from Kentucky, Katie went to school at Indiana University and moved out to San Francisco after college. She is passionate about music, and you can find her spending her free time at awesome concerts across the city.

10953288_10152671197083388_6765806116841876595_n1. What would your last meal be?
The best grilled cheese sandwich ever made. Or burrata with some tasty fresh bread & olive oil.

2. What is the best advice you have ever received?
”Keep smiling. It’s more fun that way” – Granddaddy Snider

3. What is your top bucket list item?
Backstage/VIP/All Access pass to Glastonbury. Oh, and Patagonia. Wanna hike in Patagonia fo sho.

4. If you could travel back to any one point in time what would it be?
Hell no. Let’s go to THE FUTURE!

5. If they made a film of your life what star would you like to play you? 
Duh. Why is this even a question?

6. What is your personal mantra? 
Laugh. A lot.

7. If today was the last day of your life, how would you spend it?
Flying all my friends & family to an abandoned island and throwing a music festival

8. What is the last thing you googled?
Modest Mouse new album release date

“Katie is great to work with! She is always happy and brings up the energy level in the office with her amazing sense of humor and jokes. Being on the creative team with her has helped me learn and grow my design skills.” – Tea Ribar, Marketing Specialist at the PlumpJack Group 

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