Paul’s Pick: 2009 Macon-Villages "Chameroy"

Over the years, I’ve noticed a trend in the habits of Chardonnay drinkers. It seems that initially people are drawn to the big, oaky, buttery style Chardonnays that fill the mouth

with loads of tropical fruit combined with sweet oak. As time passes, the trend is to migrate towards more subtle wines such as Viognier, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, etc. Sometimes this shift in taste is so profound that on more than one occasion I’ve had people declare they hate Chardonnay! That seems a little severe, and I would prefer if it was stated more subtly like, “It’s not to my taste.” But Chardonnay can be as varied in style as any varietal, ranging from big, oaky, buttery, to un-oaked, lean and crisp.

If you are a fan of the latter style, seeking a Chardonnay without oak, that has subtle hints of apple and pear fruit, finishing with hints of almonds and minerals, I have just the wine for you. Louis Latour is a world-renown Burgundy producer, with an awe-inspiring portfolio of wines. His 2009 Macon-Villages “Chameroy” is a perennial PlumpJack favorite, and has been a staple of our Chardonnay selection for years. I sometimes refer to it as “poor man’s Meursault” because it reminds me of a classic Meursault with its crisp and subtle fruit.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the big, rich Chardonnay style, this wine is a must! And (saving the best for last) it only costs $12.00!

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