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Biking Around the World… and Back to Tahoe

Step up to the bar at PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn and you’ll have more to talk about than just the cocktails. Bartender Jake from PlumpJack Cafe tells us of his ventures around the globe…

Summer in Tahoe is trying to start. It always comes late and never lasts long. As we count down to the solstice, we’re seeing thunderstorms, even some occasional hail, a shy, sneaky sun, cool days and cold nights, rushing streams and thundering waterfalls carrying away the icy-cold remnants of another winter passed—all signs that spring is still working its course. Fresh, green life sprouts up everywhere. The birds are chirping to celebrate the coming of the warm season. Everything is calm and quiet. Locals explore the trails and watch the snow recede; tourists enjoy nice drives around the lake. Boats begin to appear, white specks out on the azure span. Soon enough we’ll wake up, the summer will explode upon us, and the sun will have free reign of the sky for a few months as we reap the benefits of living in one of the most glorious places in the world.

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