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Fall in Tahoe: The Locals’ Secret Season

We love Tahoe all year round, that’s why we live and work here, but take it from the locals, the best time to experience Tahoe is NOT during its peak season. Tahoe summers are great, but here are several reasons why fall in Tahoe is better:

  1. Lodging Sunday thru Thursday brings better deals and less crowded hotels, in addition to traveling during off-peak months, like September and October. Enjoy PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn’s Fall Savings Package with up to 25% off your stay.
  2. The average temperature in September is mid to high 70s and October is high 60s. This makes for perfect weather to bike, hike, and any other form of physical activity. That’s why IRONMAN is having their event in Tahoe during the September 21st weekend (see below for details).
    SVI_Fall creek side
  3. The spectacle of the changing seasons with a combination of aspens and cottonwoods transitioning to bright yellow and oranges create a magnificent display of autumn color starting in late September.
  4. Some of the greatest events take place in Tahoe, especially right in Squaw Valley. Check out the calendar of events below of some of our favorites. Check availability at PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn for reservations.

Guitar Strings vs. Chicken Wings (Friday, September 5th)
A night of epic monstrous chicken wing proportions. PlumpJack Cafe represents this year with some delish wings and a fun band. Bands and restaurants will square off against each other in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences.  Wing vs. Wing, Band vs. Band, it is a night you will not want to miss in The Village at Squaw Valley.

Lake Tahoe Autumn Food & Wine Festival (September 5th – 7th)
Three full days of culinary bliss, featuring cooking demonstrations, competitions, tastings, and more. PlumpJack Chef Wyatt Dufresne is competing in the Blazing Pans event and participating in the Grand Tasting.

Tahoe Fat Tire Festival (Saturday & Sunday, September 13th – 15th)
The Tahoe Fat Tire Festival features five different races, a mountain bike stage race, an amazing movie, live music from JellyBread and beer from New Belgium Brewery.

IRONMAN – (Sunday, September 21st)
Lake Tahoe will be one of the newest North American events on the IRONMAN race circuit. The IRONMAN Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride and 26.2 mile marathon run.
Oktoberfest – (Sunday, September 27th)
One of Squaw Valley’s most celebrated events where visitors enjoy traditional Bavarian music, folk dancers, beer garten, brats & kraut and games. It’s fun times, set in a most memorable ski town.


PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn Pre-Season Closure (November 4th – December 5th)
The hotel and restaurant will close to prepare for winter. Our online presence at is open for business. Book your hotel room reservations and restaurant reservations online and contact our sales team to coordinate group reservations, weddings, corporate events and private dining.

Winter Friends- Squaw Valley

As we begin the winter of 2010-2011, I look forward to a lot of things. Skiing, hanging out in my ski clothes, not really ever washing my ski clothes, sneaking into hot tubs, watching the snow fall, and talking about how all other mountains ever created really should just speed up their erosion process on a time-warped geologic scale because they really can’t hold a candle to Squaw and therefore should just cease existence. Mt. Vesuvius, thanks for taking the lead.

Another thing I gladly await is the return of winter friends and faces who have disappeared all summer. I had a reunion with the gal at Dave’s Deli the other day when I was buying a tall boy PBR for the upcoming Funitel ride. Near daily fixtures in our lives for months last snow season, we hadn’t seen each other since May. Lifties back from Australia now back in my routine with a, “How’s it goin’” and a ‘Cheers mate” and smile each lap. Many co-workers who during the summer months work on the

lake return to the friendly confines of PlumpJack when the days get short. And those guests at the hotel who come up week after week – and who during a season become friends – they too begin again to trek up Interstate 80 for the common thing we love.

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Mid-Winter Conditions at Squaw!

The rumors are true – over 10 feet of snow has fallen in the past couple weeks and Squaw is skiing like February. This November to remember snow event has been an early Christmas gift that we should all


PlumpJack was even nice enough to give us

loyal employees a couple weeks off to enjoy this wonderland while the Squaw Valley Inn received some pretty cool facelifts. I myself am excited to go back to work just to see the finished project. I feel like Charlie’s aged uncle who decades earlier used to work in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory; he just can’t wait to accompany his nephew on the Golden Ticket Tour to get

in the doors and see what’s inside!

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Squaw Valley’s "Snovember"

Squaw Valley, located on Lake Tahoe’s north shore, has had record amounts of snowfall this November. There’s been so much snow that Squaw’s calling it “Snovember”. The picture of Palisades below was taken on November 10! Legendary ski lifts like KT22 and Siberia are running and now is the perfect time to plan your ski trip getaway while there is nearly 10 feet of snow!

Just steps away from the ski lift, PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn has some great offers and reopens this Thursday, December 2!

Stop by and enjoy our Happy Hour at the bar:

Monday-Friday: 3:00pm- 6:00pm

  • $3.50-$5.00 drink menu
  • $10.00 food menu
  • $15.00 mystery wine flight (December 3-17)

If you are a Squaw Valley or Alpine Season pass holder you recieve 15% off your hotel reservation when you book now!

Update from PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn: Learn from Warren

“If you don’t do it this year… you’ll just be one more year older when you do.”
– Warren Miller

* * * * *

The father of the ski film, Mr. Warren Miller, has uttered many a memorable phrase in his 60+ years in the biz, but the above quote might be my favorite. People put off ‘til tomorrow what they can do today for hundreds of reasons. Time is crucial, money is short, there is something good on TV and they just want to veg. In our modern world, the lure of the comfortable greets us every morning when we turn on our laptop, let alone when we get our milk and eggs out of the refrigerator, turn on our coffee-maker, or take care of the aftermath indoors.

We live the easiest lives of any human beings the planet has ever begot, and though this allows us to do cool things like not toil the land in serfdom for a lottery-born vassal, it does enslave us not to venture from our comfort zone routine to go the extra mile (or 200) and drive up I-80 through possibly inclement weather for a weekend without Playstation or dry cleaning service. (Although at the Inn we do provide housekeepers.)We have the ability to do whatever we want. Yet plainly, often do not.

Skiing is one of the coolest things a human being can do. Without the wings and super low-density skeletons of our feathered friends, riding without much resistance down mountains on planks is about as close as we can come to attaining that feeling of effortless flight which most of us have dreamed. I learned how to surf this past summer at the age of 27. I learned how to ski about 24 years prior, and I am a much better skier than surfer for that one obvious reason. Take your kids up here. Hone your own turns. Have fun, and enjoy the mountains. Learn from Warren and do something now, before your body has another
year of wear-and-tear.

* * * * *

And now I leave you with another pearl from the man who is not only the unquestioned Godfather of the ski film, but perhaps the first American ski bum; the legend goes he lived for the entire winter of ’47-48 in the Sun Valley, Idaho for less than $10: “If at first you don’t succeed… don’t try skydiving.”

Book now at PlumpJack’s Squaw Valley Inn.

Soothing Sounds

I abhor rain from December to May, but in October it is actually quite pleasant. Tahoe is famous for its sun and for its snow – and rightly so. But a few days of drizzle provide a great change of pace, and set the tone for our transition to winter. Unlike most alpine regions in our country, from June to September hardly a cloud graces the Tahoe Blue sky.

Thunderheads don’t roll in every evening like they did when I lived even as close as the central mountains of Idaho. So I enjoyed it about ten days ago when we had some textured vertical clouds and electricity in the air. Standing alone on the point of DL Bliss State Park – another benefit of wet days is that it becomes quite easy to obtain such solitude along the extra mile – I experienced thunder and lightning and wind and rain make the usually pacific lake look like the Pacific in squall. I felt like an audience of one at a primordial version of Circe De Sole, complete with the acoustics of chest thumping thunderclaps sent from atop Mt. Olympus by Zeus himself.

And today’s production of cozy rain falling upon the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn is as soothing as classical guitar played by a master, or glass of velvet-red wine.

So before the curtain goes up for the dramatic show of Winter 2010/11, come check out the prologue: Fall, crisp sunshine dotted with the occasional slow and soothing rainy day.

Escape and unwind at Squaw Valley Inn, Lake Tahoe.

Summer Breaks in Squaw

If having all the splendor of Tahoe to yourself fits your fancy, then late May and early June is a great

time for a visit to the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn.

Sure, the ski lifts are closed and it is not yet 90 degrees. But

what it is up here right now is relaxing. The pace of life is slow; days can be spent lounging in your room with curtains drawn, on our pool deck surrounded

by watchful mountains, or in our ‘back yard’ within which Squaw Creek happens to flow. Go out at dusk and see a bear or two.

The air is clear and the light is soft. The Sierra Nevada’s massive ‘09-10 snow base is melting, and running water is everywhere. In another week or two waterfalls and wildflowers will be so abundant you might just think you are on Pandora, and your step will be so light you’ll feel like you have your own Avatar.

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Lake Tahoe in September

Tales from Lake Tahoe, post-Labor Day craziness…

Ssshhhh… Can you hear it? It’s the quiet of Lake Tahoe after Labor Day.

At Plumpjack SVI

the elaborate weddings and winemaker dinners of July and August are finished, and with them the opportunity for us locals to earn a pretty living during the summer months. However, now as we unwind and watch the tourists return to their real lives we get the chance to enjoy this perfect mountain playground and all the fun it has to offer.

As our Plumpjack friends and family already know, September in Tahoe is one of Northern California’s best-kept secrets. It’s the time of year when we get to enjoy the summer activities at a leisurely pace, without competition from the summer vacation crowd. September weather is still warm and mild. The lake has been baking in the summer sun and the water temperature is as nice as it gets!

Having a picnic on an empty beach with glassy water to swim in…. Why aren’t you up here?

Come see us and grab a cruiser from Plumpjack and you’ll have the bike path all to yourself. Find a friend with a boat and enjoy perfect water all day on the lake. Fewer boats, better water! Hike or mountain bike right out of PJ SVI’s back door and the only people you’ll run into will be Plumpjack employees, whom I can guarantee will be in a really good mood.

Anyone still looking for some summer fun should come join us for the best Lake Tahoe has to offer. Well, at least until the snow starts to fall….

Dreaming of ski season? Book now and receive 20% off of your stay January 1- April 4, 2010. Call 530.583.1576.

The Carneros Inn Reviewed on Tango Diva!

Check out The Carneros Inn on Another rave review, along with an inspirational itinerary for a Carneros vacation!

Here’s a pic from the article… a gorgeous night fire-side in the Pavilion.

Experience The Carneros Inn Spa for the Day with our Destination Day Spa Package. During August and September receive a $100 reduction in the price of the package for you and a friend. Call The Spa at 707.299.4850 for more details.

The Orchard at The Carneros Inn

Get to know The Orchard at The Carneros Inn…

The Orchard at The Carneros Inn – A Timbers Resorts Residence Club features just 17 luxury Napa Valley Cottages, ensuring an intimate and private retreat for all who join its exclusive community. Like all Timbers Collection residences, the two-bedroom, two-bath Cottages are designed with quality and comfort in mind, combining contemporary décor with classic, sophisticated style indoors and out.

To enhance every visit to The Orchard, an extensive menu of Owner Benefits is at one’s fingertips – from a dedicated concierge to recommend and schedule outings, adventures and pre-arrival grocery shopping to private tastings at nearby wineries to touring the scenic roads in an Aston Martin.Several benefits include: PlumpJack Companies – From savings on accommodations, spa treatments and retail items along with private wellness classes, pamper yourself at The Carneros Inn and Squaw Valley Inn. Enjoy complimentary wine tastings and preferred pricing at PlumpJack Winery and PlumpJack Wine Shop.

Vintner’s Collective – For the first year of ownership, all Orchard Owners receive a complimentary membership with Vintner’s Collective, a multi-winery tasting room that is home to twenty of the most experienced and talented winemakers in the valley. Membership includes discounts on all wine purchases and retail merchandise, access to first offerings on new release and highly allocated wines, invitations to private members-only events and an annual Harvest party and personalized wine recommendations.

– Through the Timbers Reciprocity Program, Orchard Owners may trade their weeks to visit other resorts within the Timbers Collection – from Tuscany to Cabo to Snowmass to Scottsdale.

Visit for more information.